5 Copywriting Tips That Will Increase Conversion Fast

Tip 1: Focus on CONTENT

People do not like to be sold and the last thing you want to do is to come out with copy that focuses on the selling only. You must provide enormous value first and teach your prospect something.

Always remember that most people use the internet to access valuable information and learn how to solve a very specific problem. So help them and don’t hold back give them everything you’ve got.

This is how they will appreciate your help and they will be glad to reward you for it.

Tip 2: Lead Visitors Through The Process

You can’t just go to people and start presenting an offer and expect them to believe you. You have to take the prospects through the journey and show them how their problems can be solved.

Even if you provide an informative, interesting article or video there is a very slim chance that it will sell the product.

Tip 3: Stay Away From Big Promises Headlines

Such headlines are red flags to prospects and they will react to them as pure written sales letters which have no value whatsoever. So again, you need to provide value first and actually help people before you even ask them to take a look on what you about to offer.

If you have an excellent product that solve a specific problem and you wrote a headline that considered to be a big promise then you have to make sure that your funnel provides a clean linear learning process (step by step method) which helps visitor to see how your product solve their problems one step at a time.

Tip 4: Building Trust Through The Written Word

The most precious thing in the online world is TRUST so when you get that then you can really make the most of your copy-writing skills. and that’s when you get the sale.

You can establish trust in the prospect’s mind in one long form sales letter or 30 minutes VSL. It doesn’t have to take days or weeks to get people to trust you.

Tip 5: Always Be Specific

Don’t be broad when you write your copy, period.

For example, let’s say you have an offer about how to make money online. and your thought was “Millions of people need to make money online” and if I only got a fraction of those people to buy I’ll be rich!”

That is a big mistake and you will unlikely to make sales.

The reason why you will unlikely making no sales is YOU ARE GOING TO BROAD.

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